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DXTTR Dental X-ray trainer

DXTTR Dental X-ray trainer
DXTTR III is the advanced dental x-ray trainer developed from the original trainer created under the sponsorship of the Bureau of Radiological Health of the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of illustrating proper radiographic positioning. The most realistic substitute patient available, it allows unlimited, consistent instruction of all types of intraoral radiography, without concern for patient radiation burden.
  • Eliminates patient variables, making it easier to evaluate student technique.
  • High repeatability makes possible series of radiographs, varying exposure factors to demonstrate how they influence results. Comparisons can be made of various film placements and projections.
  • Plastic skull DXTTRs use a special plastic that emulates the radiographic characteristics of natural materials. Ideal for teaching positioning.
  • Human skull DXTTRs, as available, are ideal for teaching positioning and radiographic interpretation.
  • An optional telescoping arm with spring-mounted, ball-ended finger securely holds film packets during exposures.

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R546001     DXTTR III Plastic Skull
R546002     DXTTR III Human Skull (when available)
R547030     DXTTR Arm & Finger Assembly