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SmartLite Max

The SmartLite® Max LED Curing Light provides an array of features:

  • Dual Wavelength LEDs: Be confident that any restorative material is being thoroughly cured the first time around. (Dual LEDs are for photoinitiators in the 390-460nm wavelength range.)
  • Powerful precision: High output of up to 1400mW/cm2 and a large curing area.
  • Multiple modes: With boost, ramp, pulse and standard mode you can perform the way that suits each dental case best.
  • More mobility: With a long-lasting battery, and cordless or corded operation, you can avoid running out of battery in the middle of a procedure.
  • Easy cleanup: The SmartLite® Max LED Curing Light is fan- and vent-free to allow for easy disinfection.

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Directions for Use: 
Safety Data Sheet: Download
644051          SmartLite® Max Complete Unit
644053          SmartLite® Max Universal Supply
644054          SmartLite® Max Charging Base
644056          SmartLite® Max Probe
644057          SmartLite® Max Eye Protection Assembly