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Palodent Plus

Palodent Plus Intro Kit
For dentists placing Class II restorations, Palodent® Plus is the new sectional matrix system that delivers easy, predictable and accurate contact creation by utilising advanced ring, matrix and wedge technology. Palodent Plus offers you accurate contacts and tight marginal seal, minimised overhang and finishing, easy placement and removal.
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Palodent Plus Delivers:
  • Consistently accurate, tight contacts: Rings are made with nickel-titanium to create a consistent force to separate teeth, and then return to their original shape after use, helping to deliver a tight gingival seal and anatomically-shaped restoration.
  • Wide applications for sectional matrix system use: Ring tine design helps the system remain stable on significantly damaged teeth. Rings are stackable for multiple restorations at once.
  • Minimised flash and finishing: Ring tines maintain a fit on the tooth that complements the wedge and works with the matrix to seal and shape the restoration, minimising required finishing.
  • Wedge compatibility and performance: The V-shape of the tines accommodates the wedge from both sides. Fine wave-shaped wings compress and flare for easy placement and minimise the impingement of soft tissue.
  • Take the stress out of Class II restorations: Use a combination of Palodent Plus and SDR® Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base. SDR can be bulk filled up to 4mm and provides excellent cavity adaption and reduced polymerization stress.
System Benefits
The Palodent Plus sectional matrix system is comprised of six precisely designed components: rings, matrices, wedges, wedgeguards, forceps, and pin tweezers. These have been designed and refined for optimal performance individually and as a system. As a result, Palodent Plus is amongst the simplest and most accurate matrix systems on the market.

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Performance Components

Every component in the Palodent Plus sectional matrix system is optimised for ease of use and performance. The result is an accurate system and consistent results for you and your patients. 
Wedges (3 sizes)
Compresses on entry and flares upon exit for easy placement and seal
  • Hollow underside allows placement of second wedge from opposite side
  • Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely, mesially and distally
  • Handy built-in grooves for resetting rings
Pin Tweezers
  • Pin in tip positively grips the hole in matrix and wedge for controlPAL_PinTweezers_02.jpg
  • Naturally closed position minimises risk of dropping the matrix band or wedge
  • Handy ball burnisher built into tip
Universal Ring
  • Nickel-Titanium for outstanding spring strength and memory
  • Stackable for versatility, offers consistent separation forcePAL_RingUniversal_0119.jpg
  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines are V-shaped to hold the wedge
Narrow Ring
  • Same innovative features and benefits of Universal Ring
  • Tines set closer together for optimal separation on smaller teethPAL_RingNarrow_0122.jpg
  • Up to 4kgs of separating force even on premolars
Matrices (5 sizes)
  • Pronounced marginal ridge for ideal anatomy
  • Significantly greater curvature on horizontal plane as matrix wraps around toothPAL_3Matrices_35_01wh.jpg
  • Ginigival apron is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps in ginigval-axial corner

EZ Coat matrices (6 sizes)

  • The Palodent Plus EZ Coat matrices retain all the innovative features and benefits of Palodent Plus matrices but come with the added bonus of:ez coat Palodent Plus Matrice.jpg
  • Micro-thin, non-stick finish that makes matrix removal easier
  • Greater matrix curvature that helps improve the anatomical accuracy of the restoration
  • Six colour-coded sizes as refills
Wedgeguards (3 sizes)
  • Facilitates faster and easier cutting of cavity and lowers risk of interproximal damage to adjacent tooth
  • Guard detached after preparation, leaving the wedge in placePAL_3Wedgeguards_02wh.jpg

Directions for use: Download
Product Description
Palodent Plus Intro Kit
100 Matrices - 25 each size: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 75 Wedges - 25 each size: small, medium, large, 30 Wedge Guards - 10 each size: small, medium, large, 1 Universal Ring, 1 Narrow Ring, 1 Forceps, 1 Pin Tweezers
Palodent Plus Starter Kit
20 Matrices - 15 x 5.5mm, 5 x 4.5mm, 15 Wedges - 5 each size: small, medium, large, 5 Wedge Guards - medium, 2 Universal Rings, 1 Forceps, 1 Pin Tweezers, 1 SDR Sample: 4 Compula® Tips
Palodent Plus Matrices 3.5mm Refill 
50 Matrices size 3.5mm
Palodent Plus Matrices 4.5mm Refill 
50 Matrices size 4.5mm
Palodent Plus Matrices 5.5mm Refill 
50 Matrices size 5.5mm
Palodent Plus Matrices 5.5mm Refill 
100 Matrices size 5.5mm
Palodent Plus Matrices 6.5mm Refill 
50 Matrices size 6.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 3.5mm refill
50 matrices size 3.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 4.5mm refill
50 matrices size 4.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 5.5mm refill x50
50 matrices size 5.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 5.5mm refill x90
90 matrices size 5.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 6.5mm refill
50 matrices size 6.5mm
EZ Coat Matrices 7.5mm refill
50 matrices size 7.5mm
Palodent Plus Universal Ring Refill 
2 Universal Rings
Palodent Plus Narrow Ring Refill 
2 Narrow Rings
Palodent Plus Wedges Small Refill 
100 Wedges size small
Palodent Plus Wedges Medium Refill 
100 Wedges size medium
Palodent Plus Wedges Large Refill 
100 Wedges size large
Palodent Plus Forceps Refill 
1 Set of Forceps
Palodent Plus Pin Tweezer Refill
1 Set of Pin Tweezers
Palodent Plus Wedge Guard - Small Refill 
50 Wedge Guards size small
Palodent Plus Wedge Guard - Medium Refill 
50 Wedge Guards size medium
Palodent Plus Wedge Guard Large Refill 
50 Wedge Guards size large
Q. Can the Palodent Plus rings be used on wide cavity preparations?
A. Yes. The tines are designed to be able to grip the adjacent teeth which allows the ring to remain stable on the
tooth and prevents it from falling into wide cavity preparations.
Q. Can the Palodent Plus rings be used when a cusp is missing?
A. Yes. The tines are designed to grip on both teeth on the side of the contact and also down low near the gingival
margin. Depending on the anatomy of the tooth, it is sometimes best to build up the bulk of the cusp prior to
placing the ring.
Q. Can the Palodent Plus rings be used on primary teeth?
A. Yes. The narrow ring is designed for use on primary teeth and pre molars.
Q. Can the Palodent Plus rings be sterilised and re-used?
A. Yes. They have been tested successfully through 1000 autoclave cycles. The rings should be steam-autoclaved as other methods can damage or stain the rings.
Q. How do I get bonding agent off the Palodent Plus ring?
A. Soak the ring in alcohol for a few minutes to soften the bonding agent before steam autoclaving. You can then scrape off the bonding agent. A light layer of Vaseline before use will help prevent it from sticking to the ring.
Q. Can the Palodent Plus rings be used on MOD’s?
A. Yes. You can stack the rings or have one facing mesially and one facing distally. The ring tilts up, away from the marginal ridge of the tooth, allowing more room for another ring to be placed underneath, on the next tooth. In most cases, it is best to place the rings in opposite directions. The recommended method is:
  1. Place WedgeGuard both M and D and complete cavity preparation.
  2. Remove guard and slide M and D matrix bands into position and place bonding agent according to manufacturer’s directions for use.
  3. Place the ring on M and build and cure M contact point
  4. Move the ring to D and build and cure D contact point
  5. Complete the occlusal surface
Q. What is the best way to restore a back to back MO or DO?
A. Complete one and then do the other. The narrow ring is recommended as more separation is required to overcome two thicknesses of matrices.

Q. How can the extra cost of the rings be justified?
A. These rings produce accurate results with less frustration and time. They are made of Nickel Titanium and glassfiber reinforced plastic which prolongs the life of the ring. The matrices are comparable in price to other sectional matrices. The rings will minimise having to re-do restorations due to poor contacts being created which can be a big cost/time saver.
Q. How do I retain the ring if the tines start to separate?
A. Place it in the notches in the handles of the forceps. Squeeze it like a nutcracker until the tines touch and the ring is back to its original form.
Q. Can I place the wedge with the Plus ring in place?
A. Yes. The V-shaped tines of the ring allow you to place a wedge without removing the ring.

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