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Blueprint 20+
Blueprint® 20+, the successor of Blueprint® cremix, is DENTSPLY’s next generation Alginate Impression Material. Blueprint 20+ is a dust-free alginate impression material. The powder has been especially formulated to eliminate dust during mixing whilst being easy to mix and offering a very long dimensional stability.


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Blueprint 20+ offers:

Convenient handling

Blueprint 20+ mixes easily to a homogeneous mass, showing a smooth compact surface.

Time efficiency

With a total working time of 1 min. 10 sec. (at 23°C) and a setting time of 2 min. 10 sec. (at 23°C), Blueprint 20+ is a fast and time efficient way to achieving an excellent Alginate impression.

Relaxed storage and casting

Offering five day dimensional stability, Blueprint 20+ contributes to obtaining a high quality stone model from a high quality impression.


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60501110             Blueprint 20+ Economy Pack

12 x 500g Blueprint 20+ powder
1 x Plastic Box
1 x Measuring spoon

60501999             Blueprint 20+ Measuring spoon