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Enhance/Enhance Multi

Enhance/Enhance Multi

Enhance® is a composite finishing and polishing system designed for use in the finishing of anterior and posterior composites or any other area that requires finishing. It consists of single use silicon points, cups and discs. Following the use of Enhance, Prisma® Gloss™ Polishing Paste is used for final polishing.

Enhance Multi
is a multiple use finishing and polishing system that is designed to be reused up to 30 times*, making it extremely economical. It is a simple and time-saving 2-step system that produces an excellent gloss in combination with DENTSPLY restoratives.

*Wear depends on size of restoration, chosen instrument and application technique

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What is Enhance?
The Enhance Finishing and Polishing system combines several products designed to finish and polish all types of resin restoratives and achieves natural looking, high gloss restorations.

The system, available in three different shapes, is an abrasive, flexible device, which completes intermediate and final finishing without the need to change components. By incorporating an abrasive into a special resin, the Enhance system eliminates the need to switch back and forth between discs, cups or points, saving the dentist time. The system provides total control and the pressure applied controls the aggressiveness. As pressure is applied, abrasive particles disengage from the Enhance cup, disc or point to effectively buff the surface of the restoration. More pressure is used to create the initial finish; less pressure should be applied to smooth the surface.The result is a smooth, contoured surface that is pre-polished and thus more resistant to plaque retention and staining1.

What is Enhance Multi?
Enhance Multi is a brand of multiple use finishers and polishers that offers superior gloss and exceptional durability thanks to its highly concentrated diamond impregnation. It is autoclavable and can be used up to 30 times2, making it excellent value for money.

Studies3 demonstrate that Enhance Multi in combination with DENTSPLY restoratives provides an excellent gloss finish.

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Enhance Multi has just three different finishing and polishing shapes making it simple to use while still ensuring optimal access.

Finishing & polishing guides
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Directions for Use: Download
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download

1 Data on file
2 Wear depends on size of restoration, chosen instrument and application technique
3 Watts D, University of Manchester, 2009
624075 Enhance System Kit
20 Enhance finishing discs
10 Enhance finishing points
10 Enhance finishing cups
1 Prisma Gloss composite polishing paste
1 Prisma Gloss composite polishing paste extra-fine

624055X Enhance finishing cups, box of 30
624065X Enhance finishing points, box of 30

624045X Enhance finishing discs, box of 30

624020 Enhance polishing cups
For use with Prisma Gloss polishing paste. 100 pcs. 1 mandrel

624025 Metal mandrel for Enhance polishing cups. 3 pcs.

60701601 Enhance Multi refill finishing cups, box of 5
60701602 Enhance Multi refill finishing discs, box of 5
60701604 Enhance Multi refill finishing points, box of 5
60701605 Enhance Multi refill polishing cups, box of 5
60701606 Enhance Multi refill polishing discs, box of 5
60701608 Enhance Multi refill polishing points, box of 5

What type of handpiece should be used with Enhance?
A conventional speed contra-angle, i.e. latch-type slow handpiece. It must not be used with high speed handpieces.

Can the Enhance system be sterilised or used again?
Do not reuse. It is indicated as a single use only, disposable item. Using again can adversely affect the performance.

Can Enhance be used on enamel or porcelain?
Enhance has been tested with clinical data for composite resin and compomer restorations only.

The discs, cups and points are suited for which surfaces?
Discs are ideal for:
  • Broad surface areas of restorations
  • Established line angles when used lightly where adaptable
Cups are ideal for:
  • Cervical line angles
  • Proximal line angles
Points are ideal for:
  • Posterior occlusals
  • Concave lingual surfaces
What speed and pressure should be used?
Enhance uses moderate speed and relies on controlled pressure. Greater pressure removes more material; lighter pressure makes surfaces smoother.

Why do Enhance finishers fall apart when using them?
The system wears down during clinical use and exposes fresh abrasive particles that create a buffing result, producing a smooth finish and high polish.

Enhance Multi

What is Enhance Multi made of?
Enhance Multi is comprised of a pigmented synthetic rubber matrix which is impregnated with diamond particles of different grits. The shaft is made of stainless steel.

How can Enhance Multi be disinfected?
Disinfect Enhance Multi with an aldehyde-free, hospital-grade, tuberculocidal disinfectant solution in accordance with national/local regulations. The disinfectant manufacturer’s directions should be followed properly for optimum results. Remove residual disinfectant with water and dry.

Is Enhance Multi autoclavable?
Yes. Steam sterilisation for 20 minutes at 134°C (273°F) / 2.1 bar is recommended.

At what speed should Enhance Multi be used?
Use at a maximum speed of between 5,000 and 10,000 rpm with light intermittent pressure.

Is it necessary to use water spray when working with Enhance Multi?
Yes, to prevent damage to the pulp and to ensure reliable cooling of the material being worked, it is necessary that an adequate supply of water spray be used.

Does additional polishing paste need to be used with Enhance Multi?
No, Enhance Multi is used with water spray only. Polishing pastes such as Prisma Gloss may be used in special cases after polishing with Enhance Multi polishing tips to achieve a “Michelangelo class” extra-gloss effect.

How is Enhance Multi different from Enhance and PoGo®?
Enhance Multi is a reusable finishing and polishing system (a tip can be used up to 30 times) which can be autoclaved, whereas the Enhance finishing system and PoGo polishing system are for single use and need to be disposed of after each use. It is therefore a matter of the dentist's personal preference as to which is to be used.

Which shape should dentists use for which indication? Is there a specific recommendation?
Yes, we recommend that the shapes shown in the indication chart be used, in accordance with the PPK Klinik für Präventivmedizin, Parodontologie und Kariologie, Plattenstrasse 11, CH-8028 Zürich, “Zahnfarbene adhäsive Füllungen im Seitenzahnbereich Besek”, Windeler, Schmidlin, Schug, Göhring.