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X-flow™ is a smooth flowing, light-curing, radiopaque composite material which makes it ideal for cavity lining restoration of small cavities and for luting of ceramic or composite inlays and onlays.
X-flow™ is delivered in Compula® Tips with an extremely thin cannula for direct and precise intra-oral application. X-flow™ adapts to the cavity walls without the use of hand instruments. X-flow™ is used following application of Xeno® III and XENO V® , Single Step Self-Etching Adhesives, or Prime&Bond® NT, a universal self-priming dental adhesive, or XP BOND®, a universal total-etch adhesive. X-flow™ is compatible with many light cured restorative materials.
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 X-flow™ Refills
Each pack contains 16 Compula® Tips à 0.25 g
60608102     A2     
60608103     A3     
60608104     A4     
60608105     B1     
60608106     C2     
60608110     TL (translucent) 
60608111     O-A3 (opaque) 
60608100     Assortment Pack (B1, A2, A3, O-A3)