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QuiXfil® is a resin-based restorative material specially designed for posterior use. It allows a simplified and fast application technique without compromising safety and efficacy. QuiXfil® utilises a new filler technology resulting in a unique high filler load. It offers low shrinkage of 1.7 % and fast curing –10 seconds for 4mm. 
QuiXfil is available in pre-dosed Compules Tips for direct intra-oral application. This product is available in one universal shade. QuiXfil is used following application of Single Step Self-Etching Adhesive, Xeno III or Xeno V, Prime&Bond® NT, XP BOND or other adhesives designed for use with QuiXfil®.
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QuiXfil® - Starter Kit                     60605610
40 Compules® Tips à 0.28 g,
Universal Shade + Accessories

QuiXfil® - Refill                              60605608
20 Compules® Tips à 0.28 g
= 5.6 g - Universal Shade
  • Question: What is QuiXfil®?
  • Answer: QuiXfil® is a highly-filled composite with BIT technology. This results in filling loading of 86% by weight and 66% by volume. With BIT technology, QuiXfil® is unique in offering low shrinkage at a medium consistency, which can be extruded from a compule, with non-sticky handling. The DCC (Dynamc Curing Control) of  QuiXfil® offers fast curing for 4mm in 10 seconds while a prolong working time of 90-100 seconds under operation lamp. In summary, QuiXfil® offers speed, low shrinkage, and pleasure – an ideal solution for economic posterior treatment.
  • Question: What is the composition of QuiXfil®?
  • Answer: QuiXfil® contains:

For the fillers:

  1. Strontium glass so that it is highly radiopaque (4mm Al)

For the matrix:

  1. Aliphatic resins for toughness
  2. Aromatic resins for higher strength and rigidity
  3. A small amount of TCB resin to obtain the special handling properties and to help to achieve the high filler
  • Questions:
  1. Why is QuiXfil® packaged in blister ?
  2. Is it moisture sensitive ?
  3. How long can you use it once the blister is opened ?
  • Answers:
  1. QuiXfil® is packaged in blisters to protect the compules from both moisture and microbial contamination. 
  2. Due to the small amount of TCB resin, QuiXfil® has some residual moisture sensitivity 
  3. We recommend to keep QuiXfil® in the blister until use. Once the blister is opened, the material can last for 4 weeks.

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