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Ceram•X duo+

Ceram•X duo+

A Simple and Natural Choice

Ceram·X® is a light cured, radiopaque restorative material for restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Ceram·X® combines nanotechnology, proprietary to DENTSPLY and known from Prime&Bond® NT, with improved organically modified Ceramic particles, resulting in a Nano-Ceramic Restorative with unique features. Thus, Ceram·X® offers natural esthetics by simple procedure, extraordinary low monomer release and superior handling characteristics.

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Ceram·X™ duo+, what's new?
Ceram·X® duo+ dentine shades provide improved modeling compared to Ceram·X® duo and the enamel shades provide better long term gloss. 
Ceram·X® duo+, the Double Translucency System, offers four dentine shades with translucencies of natural dentine and three enamel shades which mimic natural enamel. Their design has been optimized for highly esthetic restorations with a minimum number of shades. For the enamel shades, the unique Nano-Ceramic matrix in combination with the optimized filler particle size distribution creates an ideal balance between handling and optical characteristics. Additionally, Ceram·X® duo+ comprises one bleach dentine shade for the restoration of bleached teeth.

Long working time for comfortable handling
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New: Better long term gloss of Ceram·X® duo+ enamel shades

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60701350     Ceram•X® duo+ Syringe Starter Kit           
7 Syringes, 3 g each
(Shades D1, D2, D3, D4, E1, E2, E3)
1 duo Shade Guide of Original Material
2 i-Shade Labels
1 Instructions for Use
1 Illustrated Technique Guide
1 Tray, Dappen Dish
Ceram•X® duo+ Syringe Refills (3 g each)
60701351     Ceram•X® duo+ dentine D1 (A1, B1)                                
60701352     Ceram•X® duo+ dentine D2 (A2, B2, C1, D2)                     
60701353     Ceram•X® duo+ dentine D3 (A3, A3.5, B3, B4, C2, C3, D3, D4)                                                                   
60701354     Ceram•X® duo+ dentine D4 (A4, C4)                                
60701355     Ceram•X® duo+ dentine DB-Bleach                                  
60701357     Ceram•X® duo+ enamel E1 (B1, B2, C2, D4)                   
60701358     Ceram•X® duo+ enamel E2 (A1, A2, A3, C1,
C3, C4, D2, D3)                                                                   

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