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Dyract XP

Dyract XP
Dyract® XP is the caries preventing restorative material for all classes of anterior as well as posterior cavities.
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Dyract XP restorations continuously release fluoride ions and act on the tooth restoration interface as an acid buffer. Laboratory tests have also confirmed the local cariostatic effect. For patients with a high caries risk Dyract XP fillings are a logical addition to the appropriate prophylactic measures. The specific properties of Dyract XP result from combining flouride containing reactive filler glasses with acid modified monomers patented by DENTSPLY.
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The history of Dyract

The first generation of Dyract was introduced in 1993. It was developed in an attempt to combine the best properties of composites and glass-ionomers. Composites offer surface hardness, physical strength, low shrinkage and resistance to wear, while glass-ionomers offer low technique sensitivity and release fluoride ions, but have the disadvantage of being rather opaque and very brittle. 
Dyract is a generation of compomer restorative materials developed by DENTSPLY. Long-term fluoride release is characteristic for this product group.Today with more than 250 full papers listed in PubMed on fluoride-releasing restoratives [Wiegand et al., 2007]1 it can be concluded that both glass-ionomers and DENTSPLY compomers show cariostatic properties under simulated cariogenic conditions in vitro. 

Dyract XP is an additional brand of Dyract® eXtra. Therefore, characteristics applying to Dyract eXtra apply to Dyract XP as well. Dyract XP is available in the most popular Vita* shades.

1 Wiegand A, Buchalla W, Attin T: Review on fluoride-releasing restorative materials – Fluoride release and uptake characteristics, antibacterial activity and influence on caries formation. Dent Mater 2007;23:3;343-362.
* Vita is a registered trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter Gmbh & Co.

Anti-cariogenic effect due to long-term fluoride release
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* Dyract XP is an additional brand of Dyract eXtra. Thus the shown Dyract eXtra study applies to Dyract XP as well.
1 Tetric Ceram® (Ivoclar Vivadent) and Filtek™ Z250 (3M ESPE) are not registered trademarks of DENTSPLY International, Inc.

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60604911    Dyract XP Intro Kit
Content: 40 Compules Tips (10x A2, 15x A3, 10x A3.5, 5x B1), 
                1 x Compules® Tip Gun, 
                1 x Shade Guide, 
                50 applicator tips, 
                1x Prime&Bond® NT 3.5ml, 
                3x Applicator Tips
60604210    Dyract XP A2 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules Tips 0.25g)
60604276    Dyract XP A3 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules Tips 0.25g)
60604277    Dyract XP A3.5 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules Tips 0.25g)
60604278    Dyract XP B1 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules Tips 0.25g)