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Kalsogen Plus

Kalsogen Plus
Kalsogen® Plus is an easy mix rapid setting Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement which is ideal for several uses including:
  • a cavity liner under most restorative materials
  • a smoothing temporary filling particularly for sensitive cavities
  • a temporary cement for crowns and inlays
  • a temporary seal for medicament dressings.
Kalsogen® Plus contains eugenol which has a sedative action for diminishing pain. The material is a fine powder which mixes easily into liquid without tackiness. The dense consistency ensures the product acts as a good thermal and chemical insulator.
Mixing time: 1 to 1½ minutes
Working time: 2 minutes
Setting time: 3 minutes
Mixing Ratio: Powder liquid ratio, 4.5:1 (by weight)

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61115200     Kalsogen® Plus, Standard Package (Powder, 30 g)
61115201     Kalsogen® Plus, Standard Package (Liquid, 15 ml)