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Megalloy EZ

Megalloy® EZ spherical amalgam delivers premium quality performance at an economical price. Its positive resistance to condensation assures excellent margin adaptation and superior handling. All this packaged in a self-activated capsule that is easy to use.

Alloy Powder Weight %
Silver 56.7%
Tin 28.6%
Copper 14.7%
Performance data
Compressive Strength (24hrs) >300MPa
Dimensional Change during hardening (%) -1% - +2%
Working Time (min) 2'30" – 3'30"
Indication for use
Megalloy® EZ Amalgam is designed for use in stress bearing restorations (Class I and II),
when other restorative materials or restoration techniques are not indicated.

Delivery forms
Megalloy® EZ Amalgam is available in:
• Pre-dosed, encapsulated Self-Activating Capsules
• 1 spill, 2 spill and 3 spill weights
Directions for Use: Download
Megalloy® EZ Self-Activating Capsules, 1 Spill
66003004S1     50 Caps 
66003014S1     250 Caps 
Megalloy® EZ Self-Activating Capsules, 2 Spill
66003005S1     50 Caps 
66003015S1     250 Caps 
Megalloy® EZ Self-Activating Capsules, 3 Spill
66003006S1     50 Caps 
66003016S1     250 Caps   

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