For Better Dentistry
Stellon QC-20 is a 20 minute Quick Cure denture base acrylic for aesthetic full and partial dentures.

Stellon QC-20 provides sufficient working time and excellent handling for all laboratory environments, including hot climates. The shade range includes pink, veined, translucent veined and dark veined.

Advantages of Stellon QC - 20:
Easy to polish
Excellent flow properties
Crossed linked powder and liquid
Craze free and solvent resistant
Blanch Free

Stellon QC-20 MSDS: Download
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64015111    QC-20 Standard Pack Pink 500g/250ml
64015114    QC-20 Standard Pack Veined 500g/250ml
64015110    QC-20 Standard Pack Transveined 500g/250ml
64015113    QC-20 Standard Pack Dark veined 500g/250ml
64015501    QC-20 Powder - Pink 12kg
64015504    QC-20 Powder - Veined 12kg
64015570    QC-20 Powder - Transveined 12kg
64015503    QC-20 Powder - Darkveined 12kg
64015701    QC-20 Powder - Pink 50kg
64015704    QC-20 Powder - Veined 50kg
64005770    QC-20 Powder - Transveined 50kg
64015703    QC-20 Powder - Darkveined 50kg