For Better Dentistry
Special Tray is very easy to shape and maintains clean handling to form custom-built impression trays in only 10 minutes. Special Tray enables the dentist to use high precision, individual impression trays where a conventional stock impression tray would result in a poor fit. For example, the material is ideal for patients with high-vaulted palates, flat low ridges or isolated standing teeth. The custom trays may be used with all types of impression materials.
Special Tray MSDS: Download
Special Tray Liquid MSDS: Download
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64025002      Special Tray standard pack 500g/250ml
64025031      Special Tray Liquid 1l
64025050W   Special Tray Liquid 5l
64025042W   Special Tray Liquid 2x4l
64025103      Special Tray Powder 3kg
64025105W   Special Tray Powder 12kg
64025150W   Special Tray Powder 50kg
64025102      Special Tray Powder 2x500g