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A high-quality, self-cure acrylic for repairing all types of resin-base dentures. DENTSPLY Repair Material provides an accurate, stable colour match and assures a strong, long-lasting repair.
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Rapid Repair Liquid MSDS: Download
Rapid Repair Powder MSDS: Download
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64020021     Rapid Repair - Pink standard pack 500g/250ml
64020024     Rapid Repair - Veined standard pack 500g/250ml
64020027     Rapid Repair - Translucent veined standard pack 500g/250ml
64020271     Rapid Repair - Pink Twin pack 2x500g
64020274     Rapid Repair - Veined Twin pack 2x500g
64020277     Rapid Repair - Translucent veined Twin pack 2x500g
64020331     Rapid Repair - Pink 3kg
64020334     Rapid Repair - Veined 3kg
64020337     Rapid Repair - Translucent veined 3kg
64020964W Rapid Repair - Powder veined 50kg
64020961W Rapid Repair - Powder pink veined 50kg
64020965W Rapid Repair - Powder transveined 50kg
64020015     Rapid Repair Liquid 1l
64020010W Rapid Repair Liquid 5l