For Better Dentistry
Orthoresin is a self curing acrylic which allows easy construction of orthodontic appliances in the laboratory. There is no need for mixing, waxing or flasking. Contouring can be fast and accurate using the simple brush technique. A brush/dropper method can be used for direct build-up on the model.
Orthoresin is non porous and blanch-free offering a high degree of clarity and strength. It will not run or slump and the technician can have great confidence with the quality and consistency.
Advantages of Orthoresin:
  • Easy handling
  • Fast and accurate results
  • No Mixing, waxing or flasking
  • Cadmium-free
  • Blanch Free
  • High strength


Liquid MSDS: Download
Powder MSDS: Download
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64040023     Orthoresin Pink standard pack 500g/250ml
64040024     Orthoresin Clear standard pack 500g/250ml
64040200     Orthoresin Twin pack 2x500g
64040203     Orthoresin Powder 3kg
64040204     Orthoresin Powder 12kg
64040205W  Orthoresin Powder 50kg
64040117     Orthoresin Liquid Pink 5l
64040118     Orthoresin Liquid Clear 5l
64040109     Orthoresin Liquid Pink 1l
64040110     Orthoresin Liquid Clear 1l