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Ceramco3 Shade Series

Ceramco3 Shade Series
DENTSPLY Ceramco has expanded the aesthetic capabilities of its leading Ceramco3 porcelain-fused-to-metal system with the Ceramco3 Shade Series.  The C3 Shade Series is keyed to Vita® 3-D Master®1 Shade Series.

Researchers at DENTSPLY Ceramco have again improved on its tradition of fine quality porcelains by adding a new level of shades to the Ceramco3 Porcelain System. The Ceramco3 Shade Series virtually eliminates the need for time-consuming conversions.




  • Production friendly porcelain with maximum aesthetics
  • Systematic approach to colour-coordination for out of the bottle shades
  • Natural feldspathic porcelain and customised firing process reduces remakes, increasing productivity and profitability
  • Exceptional Thermal Stability
  • Non-greening
  • Compatible with high noble, noble and predominately base metals

1 Vita® and 3D-Master® are registered trademarks of Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co.


Paste - Quickstart instructions: Download 
Trial kit
303002    C3 Shade Series trial kit-shade C3-312
1 x Power Opaque (1oz)
1 x Dentine (1oz)
1 x Opaceous dentine (1oz)
1 x Enamel (1oz)
1 x Modelling liquid E (100ml)
1 x DFU

System kits
303000    C3 Shade Series start-up Paste Opaque kit 
303001    C3 Shade Series start-up Powder Opaque kit
303003    C3 Shade Series complete kit - 26 shade Paste Opaque 
303004    C3 Shade Series complete kit - 26 shade Powder Opaque 

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