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Ceramco PFZ
Porcelain for Zirconia
Ceramco® PFZ porcelain utilises the latest in technologically advanced manufacturing processes to provide exceptional aesthetics and the ease of use associated with traditional Ceramco porcelains.
This leucite-free porcelain is a cutting-edge material that has exceptional thermal stability for increased productivity, whilst retaining remarkable shade vitality and the fluorescence of natural dentition.
Ceramco PFZ features an efficient three-powder build-up system, with optical characteristics integrated throughout the liner, Opaceous dentine, dentine and enamel materials. With Ceramco PFZ clinicians can expect excellent aesthetics in their zirconia all-ceramic restorations.
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Ceramco PFZ is the ideal veneering porcelain for metal-free zirconia frameworks and can be used with Cercon® Zirconia or with other 100% dense zirconia frameworks with a CTE of ~10.5ppm/ºC.
Ceramco® PFZ is available in kits and individual shades.
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Trial kit
501600     Ceramco PFZ A2 Trial Kit
1 x Dentine (1oz)
1 x Opaceous dentine (1oz)
1 x Liner (1oz)
1 x Liner liquid (15ml)
1 x Natural Enamel: Light (1oz)
1 x Modelling liquid (100ml)
1 x DFU

System kits
501602    Ceramco PFZ 8 shade Kit
501604    Ceramco PFZ 16 shade Kit
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