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Phosphate bonded crown and bridge investment material.

MEAvest is a carbon-free, phosphate-bonded and plasterless universal investment material which is suitable for the precision casting of non-precious and precious dental alloys.

MEAvest may be used for the conventional, as well as for the rapid burnout method of heating. For this purpose the special liquid must be used.

MEAvest is the perfect partner for MEAlloy.
DENTSPLY MEAvest key features
• Plaster and carbon free
• Suitable for all precious metal dental and non-precious bonding alloys
• For conventional and fast heating
• Excellent flow characteristics
• Very smooth casting surfaces
• Easy to devest

Technical data

Mixing ratio

100g : 22–23ml (powder : liquid)

Total expansion

1.2–2.4% (linear)

Mixing time

60 sec (under vacuum)

Processing time span

4–6 min at 23°C

Compressive strength

4–8 N/mm2 (depending on concentration of the mixing liquid)


5325531001   MEAvest Powder 50 x 150g
5325400301   MEAvest Universal Liquid 1,350ml
5325400305   MEAvest Special Liquid 1,350ml 

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