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Laboratory Gypsum

Laboratory Gypsum
Now there is a quality DENTSPLY Gypsum to meet your every need. 
  • Uniform quality every time.
  • Compressive strength and expansion properties to meet every need. Accurate reproduction of detail.
  • A spectrum of colours to suit your personal preference.

Castone™: A high quality, high strength dental stone for dental casts, investing and articulator mounting.
Directions for use: Download
MSDS (Cream): Download
MSDS (White): Download
Glastone® 3000: A super-hard die stone for making C&B dies and models.
Directions for use: Download
Glastone®: A premium quality stone for super-hard cast dies and cast partial frameworks.
Directions for use: Download
Lab Plaster: A fine, white general use plaster recommended for models, flasking and articulating. It may be used in any case where plaster or stone is indicated.
Directions for use: Download
Labstone: An all purpose stone for fabricating models and flasking acrylic dentures. It may be used in any case where plaster or stone is indicated.
Directions for use: Download
Model Plaster: A fine white plaster used for hard, dense casts. It can also be used for flasking and articulating casts.
Directions for use: Download
Ortho Plaster: A pure white, fine plaster, specially formulated for orthodontic study casts.
Directions for use: Download
Orthostone: A pure white stone recommended for orthodontic working models.
Directions for use: Download
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990900    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Pink 25lb carton
990800    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Green 25lb carton
990830    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Pink 50lb carton
990840    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Green 50lb carton
990870    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Pink 100lb drum
990890    Glastone 3000 Die Stone - Green 100lb drum
99058     Glastone Dental Stone - Peach 25lb carton
99056     Glastone Dental Stone - Peach 50lb carton
99057     Glastone Dental Stone - Peach 100lb drum
99206     Orthostone Dental Stone - White 25lb carton
99207     Orthostone Dental Stone - White 50lb carton
99208     Orthostone Dental Stone - White 100lb drum  
99043     Castone Dental Stone - Cream 25lb carton
99047     Castone Dental Stone - White 25lb carton
99044     Castone Dental Stone - Cream 50lb carton
99046     Castone Dental Stone - White 50lb carton
99045     Castone Dental Stone - Cream 100lb drum
99049     Castone Dental Stone - White 100lb drum
Labstone Dental Stone 
99200    Blue 25lb carton
99203    Buff 25lb carton
99201    Blue 50lb carton
99204    Buff 50lb carton
99202    Blue 100lb drum
99205    Buff 100lb drum
Ortho Plaster 
99216    White 25lb carton
99217    White 50lb carton
99218    White 100lb drum
Model Plaster 
99031    White 20lb carton
99033    White 90lb carton
Lab Plaster 
99210    White - Regular 25lb carton
99211    White - Regular 50lb carton