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Cavitron Plus

Cavitron Plus
Cavitron® Plus with Tap-On™ Technology provides premium scaling comfort.
The first intelligent ultrasonic scaler that keeps you informed of the system settings and status without slowing you down. Cavitron Plus now features Tap-On Technology without compromising on the other well-known features of the Cavitron brand.
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Tap-On Technology is the new improved foot pedal mechanism which reduces leg and foot fatigue. The new wireless device can be activated or deactivated by a single tap. This allows the dentist/hygienist to rest their foot during the scaling procedure.
Turbo mode delivers 25% extra power to the system which will increase the stroke of the tip. The additional power will remain on until the button on the device is pressed again. 

The water flow control mechanism has been improved to enhance precise flow direction and lavage. The unit will also be supplied with a new FSI™ SLI™ 1000 Cavitron insert FREE of charge.
Cavitron Jet Plus features a unique cable attachment that is ergonomic and rotates 330° to reduce cable drag. The entire handpiece pivots and provides access to the distal surfaces, furcations, and maxillary molars. Through the swivel on the cable, extraoral and soft tissue fulcrums are facilitated for best instrumentation, adaptation, and efficacy.
The wireless foot pedal alleviates hazardous surgery, the autoclavable handpiece offers better infection control, and the unit also includes an informative diagnostic display. 

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Cavitron Plus offers:          
·         Wireless foot control which eliminates the cord for a streamlined, less hazardous and professional look
·         SPS® technology (Sustained Performance System™)
·         Hands-free power boost
·         Rinse only mode and a purge function for increased practitioner comfort                                            
·         Fully autoclaveable Steri-Mate® swivel handpiece to help manage infection control
·         Illuminated diagnostic display informing the user of the units status at a glance
·         Quick connecting inserts

Directions for Use: Download
Cavitron Plus features and benefits:


Key Benefit

Tap-On wireless foot pedal

Reduce leg and ankle pain associated with continued foot pedal usage

Improved water control

More precise and improved lavage

Turbo mode –  button on unit that increases power

25% more clinical power enabling quick removal of tenacious

330⁰ Handpiece with swivel

Reduces cable drag as handpiece rotates during procedures

Handpiece – autoclavable/replaceable

Provides the highest assurance of control against


Rinse mode

Allows for irrigation or flushing of debris in the procedural area

SPS - “Cruise Control”

Improved patient comfort

Purge  - 2 minute water flush

Allows easier adherence to infection control guidelines

Face Lift – colour and texture change and new graphics

Easier to identify functions

Service & low battery indicator

Time saving efficiency 

Cavitron® Plus Ultrasonic Scaler package contains:
·         1 x Cavitron Plus unit
·         1 x Steri-Mate Handpiece
·         1 x Wireless Foot Control with Tap-On Technology
·         1 x 30K FSI® Slimline 1000 Triple Bend
·         Insert pocket guide
·         Wear indicator
·         (Batteries and cables included)
Order code: 8184002

Does the Cavitron Plus work with existing Cavitron inserts?
Yes, the Cavitron Plus works with all Cavitron 30K inserts.
What is Turbo power?
Turbo power increases the stroke of the tip by delivering additional power to the device (up to 25%).
What happens if the foot pedal is accidently hit when the Cavitron is not being used?
When the handpiece is in the holder, Tap-On Technologyis deactivated and will not work. 
Can you deactivate Tap-On Technology?
Yes, hold down the turbo button and the purge button at the same time for 5 seconds. 
Can you reactivate Tap-On Technology? 
Yes, hold down the turbo button and the purge button at the same time for 5 seconds. 
Is there a serial number on the footswitch that matches the unit?
The footswitch has its own serial number. In the directions for use (DFU) it is recommended to mark the footswitch and unit that go together. If the unit and footswitch are not marked, push down on the footswitch to the second position and look for a unit with the Boost light illuminated to match the footswitch and unit.
Are batteries included with the footswitch?
Yes. The footswitch uses 2 “AA” batteries. A package of 4 “AA” alkaline batteries is included. They are standard alkaline batteries that can be purchased anywhere.
What is the battery life span?
It depends on the usage, when tested to average use the batteries lasted approximately 5 months.
Is there a more distinct difference between the first and second position on the footswitch than on current footswitches?
Yes. The second position requires more pressure to avoid inadvertently being in the boost mode throughout the procedure, but is still comfortable for the foot and leg.
Is the comfort grip autoclavable?
Yes. The comfort grip is made of the same material that is used for the Bellissima™ inserts.
Does the comfort grip have to be removed from the handpiece to autoclave?
The comfort grip can be autoclaved on the handpiece or removed and autoclaved separately. Tests were carried out by injecting bacteria under the comfort grip on the handpiece, then autoclaving the handpiece with the comfort grip in place. Results showed no live bacteria under the comfort grip after autoclaving.
If the comfort grip is autoclaved separately, does the handpiece still need to be autoclaved?
The handpiece must be autoclaved even if a comfort grip is used and autoclaved separately. There is still a portion of the handpiece that is exposed when placed in the patient’s oral cavity with the comfort grip thus the handpiece must be autoclaved.
Will the comfort grip retro-fit to existing Steri-Mate handpieces?
The Steri-Mate handpiece for the Cavitron Plus systems is the same design (shape, length) as the current Steri-Mate headpiece so the comfort grip will work on existing Steri-Mate handpieces as well.
Does the Cavitron Plus unit work with DualSelect?
Yes. Cavitron Plus is designed to work with DualSelect.
How does each unit and footswitch know they belong together?
The unit and footswitch are synchronised at the factory with a unique address that applies only to these two components.
What if the original footswitch is replaced? How will it communicate to the unit?
There is a synchronisation process (described in the DFU) which re-synchronises the footswitch and unit with a new unique address.
What frequency does the footswitch operate at and what about interference from other electronics that operate at that frequency?
The footswitch operates at 2.4GHz. This is an open frequency around the world containing multiple channels and is regulated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The footswitch operation in this frequency complies with all FCC regulations. Communication cannot be more than 1 second in duration; the footswitch uses intervals of a quarter second for communication between the footswitch and base unit. The unique address system ensures that the footswitch and unit communicate only to each other. Although they may “hear” other things in that frequency, there is a firewall that prevents them from getting through.