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Restorative and Sundries

Restorative and Sundries
This catalogue showcases the restorative product range, including brands such as Flexichange®, Artio™ Lustra™ and ZNR. 
Page 3     Tweezers
Page 4     Sharpening Kit, Tweezers
Page 5     Scissors
Page 6     Siqveland Clamps, Syringes
Page 6     Jenker & Orthodontic Pliers
Page 7     Spatulas
Page 8     Probes
Page 9     Probes, Mirrors, Mirror Handles
Page 10   ZNR Plastics, Pluggers and Burnishers
Page 12   Excavators
Page 15   Cutting Instruments
Page 16   Plastics
Page 17    Burnishers
Page 19    Condensers
Page 20    Carvers
Page 22    Accessories
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