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Disposa-Shield from DENTSPLY ensures that you can benefit from a 'state of the art' system to provide the solution to your cross infection needs, offering barrier protection to those awkward handpiece assemblies.

Furthermore, avoiding the use of chemical disinfectant may prolong the life of plastic coverings. Disposa-Shield provides five different barrier systems, which combine clarity and strength to give effective protection for your patients and all the dental team.
Five Varieties
Handles and Control Panels (variety number 1 - dimension 10cm x 15cm)
Air Motors (variety number 2 - dimension 5.5cm x 45.5cm)
Air Turbines and Cavitron (variety number 3 - dimension 45.5cm x 4.6cm)
Chair Headrests and X-Ray Covers (variety number 4 - dimension 29.5 cm x 23 cm - expanding to 35 cm)
Handpieces, Smartlite PS and Cavitron handpieces (variety number 5 - dimension 19cm x 4 cm)
65090001     Disposa-Shield no. 1 (tapes) - for handles & panels
Case of 12
65090002     Disposa-Shield no. 2 (tubes) - for air motors & syringes
Case of 12
65090003     Disposa-Shield no. 3 (tubes) - for tubing & turbines
Case of 12
65090004     Disposa-Shield no. 4 - for headrests & x-ray heads
Case of 6
A880055     Disposa-Shield for low-speed contra-angle handpieces
Box of 500

A880065     Disposa-Shield for Smartlite PS, inserts & handpieces
Box of 500

A880075     Disposa-Shield for air/water syringes Box of 500

A880085     Disposa-Shield for T-bar light handles Box of 500

     Disposa-Shield for dental hose Box of 175

A880105     Disposa-Shield for chair back/x-ray head Box of 150

A880115     Disposa-Shield multi-purpose Box of 1200

A88013     Disposa-Shield for delivery syringes Case of 12 x 500

A88014     Disposa-Shield for trays - small (10.5" x 14.5")
Case of 2 x 500

A88015     Disposa-Shield for trays - large (12" x 17") Case of 2 x 500
A88016     Disposa-Shield for headrest Case of 4 x 250