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GuttaCore Pink

The first obturator with a crosslinked gutta-percha core

  • superior 3D fills
  • ease of retreatment
  • post space simplified

Crosslinking is a well-established scientific process that connects the polymer chains and transforms the gutta-percha to make it stronger, while keeping its best features. It gives GuttaCore its unique inner strength and means it can deliver a consistent fill of warm gutta-percha right down to the apex and, because the strong core is made of gutta-percha, it’s easier to re-treat.

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Guttacore Directions For Use573.42 KB
  • NEW pink core and NEW pack size in ISO sizes 020 - 040
  • No plastic core remaining in the root canal
  • Fast, efficient and heats in seconds
  • Safe and biocompatible
  • Superior 3D fills with the ease of a single insertion
  • Continually tapered design matches the shapes created by today’s files   

Transforming gutta-percha from the inside out

GuttaCore uses a crosslinked gutta-percha core for centrally compacting the warm gutta-percha 3-dimensionally into the root canal system. Proper cleaning, shaping and irrigation, along with the central compacting hydraulic force, facilitate the flow of GuttaCore that follows curves, finds accessory canals and flows into isthmuses.

Retreatment & Post Space simplified

With GuttaCore obturators, you can remove the handle by bending to either side of the canal wall without affecting the seal. In addition, you can create post space and remove the obturation material with unprecedented ease. You’ll see the familiar gutta-percha characteristics when your drill engages the material. The crosslinked core comes out efficiently, saving you time and effort.


A1703B0042000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 020B    Blister of 6 obturators

A1703B0042500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 025B    Blister of 6 obturators

A1703B0043000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 030B    Blister of 6 obturators

A1703B0043500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 035B    Blister of 6 obturators

A1703B0044000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 040B    Blister of 6 obturators

A1702B0044500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 045B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0045000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 050B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0045500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 055B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0046000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 060B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0047000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 070B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0048000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 080B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1702B0049000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 090B    Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier


A1703P0042000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 020P    Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6)

A1703P0042500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 025P    Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6) 

A1703P0043000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 030P    Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6) 

A1703P0043500  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 035P    Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6) 

A1703P0044000  GUTTACORE OBTURATOR. 040P    Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6)


A1803B0042500  GUTTACORE BLISTER FOR PTN X2  Blister of 6 obturators

A1803B0043000  GUTTACORE BLISTER FOR PTN X3  Blister of 6 obturators

A1802B0044000  GUTTACORE BLISTER FOR PTN X4  Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1802B0045000  GUTTACORE BLISTER FOR PTN X5  Blister of 5 obturators + 1 size verifier

A1803P0042500  GUTTACORE PACK FOR PTN X2       Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6)

A1803P0043000  GUTTACORE PACK FOR PTN X3       Pack of 30 obturators (5 x 6)

A1802P0044000  GUTTACORE PACK FOR PTN X4       Pack of 25 obturators (5 x 5) 


A017502502000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 020              BOX OF 6

A017502502500  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 025              BOX OF 6

A017502503000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 030              BOX OF 6

A017502503500  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 035              BOX OF 6

A017502504000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 040              BOX OF 6

A017502504500  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 045              BOX OF 6

A017502505000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 050              BOX OF 6

A017502505500  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 055              BOX OF 6

A017502506000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 060              BOX OF 6

A017502507000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 070              BOX OF 6

A017502508000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 080              BOX OF 6

A017502509000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 090              BOX OF 6

A017502590000  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 20-45          BOX OF 6

A017502590100  THERMAFIL VERIFIER 25MM 50-90          BOX OF 6


1. What does “crosslinked” mean?
GuttaCore is the first obturator with a crosslinked gutta-percha core. Crosslinking is a well-established scientific process that connects the polymer chains and transforms the gutta-percha to stabilise the structure, while keeping its best features. The crosslinked gutta-percha core retains its shape when heated - and easily removes. Gray radiopacifiers are added for improved radiographic appearance.

2. Will GuttaCore dissolve with solvent?
It is important to note that crosslinked gutta-percha is not sticky; therefore, it does not melt and will not dissolve with solvents. 

3. Can I take out the gutta-percha from the obturator to use it as a size verifier like with the Thermafil®?
No, because the core is not plastic but made entirely of gutta-percha. Using it as a size verifier is not indicated (breakage of the core could happen).

4. How can I remove any excess gutta-percha that may block access to the chamber and other canals?
Use a spoon excavator, explorer, etc. to remove any excess. To avoid excess gutta-percha, protect adjacent canal orifices with tiny cotton pellets or a paper point until time for obturation.

5. What are the main precautions I have to take?
- Select the GuttaCore obturator according to the size verifier that fits the shaped canal passively.
- GuttaCore obturator cores should not be used as size verifier.
- Do not remove gutta-percha from the apical section of GuttaCore obturator prior to filling the root canal space. Removing the gutta-percha may damage the obturator.

6. Are there calibration rings on the GuttaCore?
Calibration rings are set at the following working lengths (in millimetres): 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, plus 27 and 29 on the obturator handle.

7. Is GuttaCore packaged in a sterilised blister?
No, it is not a sterilised blister. GuttaCore, like any other carrier-based obturator, has to follow the standard procedure:
- Disinfect the obturator in a 5.25 sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) for one minute.
- Gently wipe the gutta-percha on the GuttaCore obturator with 70% alcohol.

8. Can I use GuttaCore on a patient with a known allergic reaction to latex?
Patients with latex sensitivity may experience allergic reactions to gutta-percha, which contains dry natural rubber.

9. What do I use to heat the obturator?
You can use the ThermaPrep® oven but you must use the minimum heating time and take out the obturator as soon as you hear the first beep.