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AH Plus Cleaner

AH Plus Cleaner

AH Plus® Cleaner
For the removal of excess unset AH Plus

  • Provides effective removal of unset AH Plus from tooth substance
  • Prepares tooth substance for optimal adhesive procedure
  • Allows for immediate direct restorative procedure after the root canal obturation with AH Plus
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61104277   AH Plus Cleaner   1x AH Plus Cleaner Bottle 5ml, 2x Applicator Dishes
1. What is the purpose of AH Plus Cleaner?

AH Plus Cleaner is designed for the removal of residual unset AH Plus from the cavity surfaces. It is used when a root canal filling and an adhesive restoration are performed during one appointment.

2. Is it possible to use cotton pellets instead of foam pellets?

No, because fibers from the cotton could remain on the cavity surfaces which would impair proper sealing.

3. What is the step-by-step procedure with AH Plus Cleaner?

 (Extract from IFU)

  • Dispense ample amounts of AH Plus Cleaner in the Dappen Dish (cover it with lid / another dish to avoid evaporation). Close bottle promptly.
  • Soak foam pellet with AH Plus Cleaner and remove all residual unset AH Plus from cavity floor and walls (from enamel and dentin).
  • Repeat procedure at least 2 times (with unused soaked foam pellets) until no root canal sealer residue is visible.
  • Remove remains of AH Plus Cleaner with vigorous water spray and rinse clean areas for at least 5 seconds. Remove water completely with air flow. Then immediately continue with the adhesive restorative procedure.

4. What is the composition of AH Plus Cleaner?

AH Plus Cleaner contains ethanol, tertiary butanol and water. Different alcohols and water were chosen as AH Plus consists of hydrophilic and hydrophobic components.

5. Can AH Plus Cleaner be used with other endo sealers?

AH Plus Cleaner formulation was especially designed for removing unset AH Plus. It is not intended to be used with other sealers including AH 26.

6. Can I use ethanol instead of AH Plus Cleaner?

In-vitro data on secondary sealing, including 70% ethanol for cleaning, is available. However, laboratory tests have shown that AH Plus Cleaner dissolves unset AH Plus more effectively. AH Plus Cleaner is a mixture of ethanol, tertiary butanol and water. The tertiary butanol is included to specifically dissolve epoxy-based resins from AH Plus.

7. Does AH Plus Cleaner have an effect on the setting pattern of AH Plus?

No, AH Plus Cleaner has no effect on the normal setting behaviour of AH Plus.

8. Does the AH Plus Cleaner dissolve the gutta-percha?

No, AH Plus Cleaner does not dissolve gutta-percha. However, rubbing with foam pellets soaked in AH Plus Cleaner may help to remove residues of gutta-percha from the cavity surfaces.

9. What is the effect of remaining AH Plus Cleaner on adhesion?

Incomplete removal of AH Plus Cleaner could reduce adhesion.

10. Is AH Plus Cleaner compatible with warm obturation techniques too?

AH Plus Cleaner can be used directly after any root canal obturation using AH Plus as sealer. (See IFU for step by step details).

11. How many cavities can be cleaned with one bottle of AH Plus Cleaner?

The AH Plus Cleaner bottle contains 5ml liquid. One bottle should easily treat a minimum of 15 cavities.

12. The AH Plus Cleaner Kit is delivered with 2 dappen dishes. What is the procedure to disinfect/ sterilise them?

The dappen dish provided can be disinfected up to 50 times and sterilised up to 8 times. Detailed procedural instructions can be found in the AH Plus Cleaner IFU.

13. At what temperature should the AH Plus Cleaner be stored?

The AH Plus Cleaner is to be stored between 2°C to 28°C (36°F to 82°F).

14. What are the consequences of immediate post-endo adhesive application without prior use of the AH Plus Cleaner?

AH Plus Cleaner is used to thoroughly remove unset AH Plus to ensure clean cavity surfaces, a pre-requisite for good adhesion. Not cleaning unset AH Plus from the cavity surfaces will impair adhesion and sealing of the restoration.