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Protaper® Universal Treatment (Rotary)

Protaper Universal
Outstanding performance time after time
Protaper® Universal is a comprehensive system specifically designed to meet the needs of clinicians.
  • Easy
  • - Only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape.
    - Colour-coded and easy to follow protocol.
    - Drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for Protaper files, with the same colour-codes for instant identification.
    • Fast
    - Only 3 instruments needed for most cases.
    - High cutting power. 
    • Efficient
- Apical taper for good canal cleaning.  

Ordering Information

A0409     Protaper® Rotary Assortment (SX, S1, S2, F1, F2 and F3)
Available in 21mm, 25mm and 31mm
A041021910101   Protaper® Shaping FileSX_treat_rot.jpg

X (SX) 19mm
A041022110112   Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 21mm
A041022510112   Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 25mmS1_treat_rot.jpg
A041023110112   Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 31mm

A041022110212   Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 21mm
A041022510212   Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 25mmS2_treat_rot.jpg
A041023110212   Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 31mm

A041122110112   Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 21mm
A041122510112   Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 25mmF1_treat_rot.jpg
A041123110112   Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 31mm

A041122110212   Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 21mm
A041122510212   Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 25mmF2_treat_rot.jpg
A041123110212   Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 31mm

A041122110312   Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 21mm
A041122510312   Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 25mmF3_treat_rot.jpg
A041123110312   Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 31mm

A041122110412   Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 21mm
A041122510412   Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 25mmF4_treat_rot.jpg
A041123110412   Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 31mm

A041122110512   Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 21mm
A041122510512   Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 25mmF5_treat_rot.jpg
A041123110512   Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 31mm