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Protaper® Universal Retreatment

Protaper® Universal

ProTaper Re-treatment files have been specifically designed to remove obturation material from the root canal. There are three re-treatment files: D1, D2 and D3, one for each third of the canal. D1 has a cutting tip for effective entrance into the obturation material in the coronal third. D2 and D3 are used in the mid and apical thirds of the canal respectively and have non-active tips that have been designed to closely respect the path of the canal. The tapers of these three files match the diameters of average root canals and the handles are only 11mm long, improving visibility.

ProTaper Re-treatment file D1 has a cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration into the filling material. D2 and D3 both have non-cutting tips and are used to remove material from the mid and apical thirds, respectively. 
A141021600112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D1 - Coronal filling removal
A141021800112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D2 - Middle filling removal
A141022200112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D3 - Apical filling removal
A141220090012     Protaper® Retreatment Assortment
(2xD1, 2xD2, 2xD3)