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PROGLIDER™ is the single file glide path system for all dentists using NiTi shaping files and looking for the most advanced glide path solution in terms of EFFICIENCY, SIMPLICITY and SAFTEY.
An important step in the endodontic procedure is the creation of a glide path, with the goal of securing the root canal path before the use of a shaping file system. PROGLIDER offers several advantages compared to manual glide path files:

• JUST ONE FILE, therefore less glide path time
Only one PROGLIDER file is needed, allowing the dental practitioner to work faster than with manual files or alternative rotary glide path solutions.*

RESPECT of the root canal anatomy
PROGLIDER respects the root canal anatomy better than manual glide path files** which make it difficult to avoid the risk of canal transportation, zips and ledges.

PROGLIDER is suitable for most root canals
Including the highly curved ones.

Made of M-Wire NiTi Alloy to provide greater flexibility and resistance against cyclic fatigue.

21mm, 25mm and 31mm.

300 rpm / 2 Ncm, adjustable up to 5.2 Ncm.

Comes in sterile blister packs (3 or 6 files).

With a tip size 16 .02.

* Data on file
**Berutti et al 2013
A092622100103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 21mm 6 pack
A092622500103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 25mm 6 pack
A092623100103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 31mm 6 pack
A092322100103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 21mm 3 pack
A092322500103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 25mm 3 pack
A092323100103 PROGLIDER File Sterile 31mm 3 pack
What makes PROGLIDER so simple?
PROGLIDER requires just ONE rotary glide path file. This makes it easy to learn and easy to use.

How is PROGLIDER more time efficient than other systems?
Dentist trials and internal lab tests have shown that PROGLIDER requires 40% less time for creating a glide path than with manual SST glide path files, and 25% less than with PATHFILE*.
 FAQ graph.jpg
*Sources: Dentist Evaluation + Internal Lab Tests
How does PROGLIDER better respect the root canal anatomy than manual instruments?
Studies by Berutti et al, 2013, have shown that PROGLIDER shows greater respect for the root canal anatomy, showing significantly less transportation, ledges and apical zips that are seen with manual SST instruments (as seen in the study images below). These images also show how PROGLIDER is also suitable for highly curved canals.

Glide path image and text.png 
**Source: Berutti et al 2013
What blade lengths is PROGLIDER available in?
21mm, 25mm and 31mm.
Is PROGLIDER used in continuous or reciprocating motion?
PROGLIDER should be used in continuous rotation at 300 rpm / 2 Ncm, adjustable up to 5.2 Ncm.
Is PROGLIDER single use?
DENTSPLY Maillefer advocates medical standard care by providing PROGLIDER in pre-sterilised blister packs designed for single patient use. This provides numerous advantages:
-          Efficiency and time saving
-          Reduced risk of file breakage
-          Optimal cutting efficiency
-          No risk of cross contamination
What is the taper of the file?
PROGLIDER features a progressive taper of 2 – 8.5% with a tip size 16 .02.