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X-Smart Plus motor

The X-Smart™ Plus micro-motor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for General Dental Practitioners carrying out rotary endodontics. It has a lightweight hand piece with a small head. The unit is compact and portable, operated without a foot pedal and can be battery operated. It has reciprocation for WaveOne™ and torque control and auto-reverse modes for continuous rotation instruments.


X-Smart™ Plus is the endo motor of choice for General Dental Practitioners performing root canal treatments with the reciprocating, single file technique or traditional continuous rotation file systems. It enables the practitioner to fully focus on the patient and the treatment due to its simplicity of use, as well as the excellent visibility and access with the miniature contra-angle attachment. 

X-Smart™ Plus is everything you like about X-Smart™ with a Plus:

  • No foot pedal
  • On / Off button on the motor handpiece
  • Excellent visibility & access
  • Due to the miniature contra-angle head
  • Simple & improved user interface
  • Large bright colour screen
  • Dedicated button controls
  • “Click and go” navigation
  • New design with optimised screen & keyboard ergonomics
  • Single file root canal shaping
  • Reciprocating motion
  • “File selection at a single glance”
  • ISO colour coded file library


A1032 000 00 000 X-Smart™ Plus 
A1035 100 00 000 X-Smart™ Plus WaveOne® Kit 
A1035 200 00 000 X-Smart™ Plus ProTaper Kit 
A1033 000 00 000 X-Smart™ Plus 6:1 contra angle 
A1034 000 00 200 X-Smart™ Plus AC Adapter 
A1034 000 00 300 X-Smart™ Plus Motor Hand Piece 
A1034 000 00 400 X-Smart™ Plus Hand Piece Stand 
A1007 000 00 100 X-Smart™ Battery 
A1007 000 00 500 X-Smart™ Spray Nozzle for F-Type contra-angle 
A1007 000 00 600 X-Smart™ Cleaning Adaptor 
A1007 000 00 800 X-Smart™ Spray x 6 

A1035 400 00 000 - X-Smart™ Plus PROTAPER NEXT™ kit contains:

  • 1 x X-Smart™ Plus motor
  • 30 x PROTAPER NEXT files, 25mm (10 blisters of 3 files in assortment (X1, X2, X3)
  • 6 PATHFILE™ files, 25mm (1 assortment pack)

A1035 200 00 000 - X-Smart™ Plus ProTaper Kit contains: 

Contents Qty SKU
X-Smart™ Plus  1 A 1032 000 00 000  
ProTaper Universal Assort 25 mm   12 (72 files) A 0409 225 90 100  
Pathfile Assort 25mm   1 (6 files) A 0015 225 90 000  
ProTaper DVD  1 ---
ProTaper (treatment) Instructions For Use   1 ---
ProTaper/Pathfile Sequence Card   1 ---

A 1035 100 00 000 - X-Smart Plus WaveOne Kit contains:

Contents Qty SKU
X-Smart™ Plus   1 A 1032 000 00 000  
WaveOne Primary 25mm   5 (15 files)  A 0700 225 00 P01  
WaveOne Assort 25mm  5 (15 files)  A 0700 225 90 A01  
Pathfile Assort 25mm   1 (6 files)  A 0015 225 90 000  
WaveOne DVD   1 ---
WaveOne Sequence Card with Pathfile   1 ---



What is the reciprocating motion?
The reciprocating motion is characterised by an alternating back and forth rotation. The file rotates at a larger angle in the cutting direction than in the opposite which makes it progress along the canal path. A bit like taking two steps forward and one step back – you’ll advance but more carefully.

• What are the angles in reciprocation?
The angle parameters have been minutely optimised for the WaveOne files. They derive from the results of extensive testing by a team of world leading endodontists and are a part of the proprietary reciprocating solution from DENTSPLY.

• What is the speed in reciprocation?
The motor is constantly speeding up and slowing down in one direction of rotation before switching directions and speeding up and slowing down in the opposite direction. For this reason you cannot compare the speed value in continuous rotation with the one in reciprocating motion.

• Why can’t I modify the speed, the torque and the angles in reciprocation?
The reciprocating parameters have been minutely optimised for the WaveOne files. Modifying these could increase the risk of file breakage and reduce the efficiency.

• Why isn’t there any torque control in reciprocation?
The reciprocating angles have been optimised to minimise the risk of file breakage. The motor angle in the cutting direction is inferior to the angle at which the file would start to deform permanently if blocked. Furthermore, the back and forth movement will reduce the risk of blocking the file in the first place. This is why there is no torque control/auto reverse function for the WaveOne files as there is for continuously rotating NiTi file systems.

Furthermore, an acoustic warning signal will sound at 50 % of maximum torque and again when approaching the torque limit. In that case, we recommend to remove the file and clean it free from debris.

• Can I use a competitor motor for the reciprocating technique?
We strongly discourage using a motor that can be programmed to do a reciprocating motion from other manufacturers than DENTSPLY. Laboratory tests of the ATR Tecnika (no longer commercialised), the Endopilot from Schlumbohm and the i-Endo Dual from Satelec/Acteon (on-going) show, or give preliminary indication, that they suffer from inexact reciprocating angles and large speed variation. All this leads to an increased risk of file breakage and an inefficient solution compared to DENTSPLY manufactured reciprocating motors.

• Can I use my ProTaper Universal files or any other continuous file system in reciprocation?
No, only DENTSPLY reciprocating files - for which the motor and its settings have been optimised for – are compatible with the reciprocating programs in the X-Smart™ Plus motor.

• How can the file library be updated with new file systems in the X-Smart™ Plus?
File library updates will be performed at local service centres when this case should arise. An upgrade would probably be part of an upgrade kit including consumables such as files and obturation solutions on top of the upgrade of the device.

• Can I use my X-Smart™ 16:1 contra-angle with the X-Smart™ Plus motor?
No, the X-Smart™ Plus motor requires the X-Smart™ Plus 6:1 contra-angle. It is not possible to attach the X-Smart™ 16:1 contra-angle to the X-Smart™ Plus motor hand piece and vice versa.