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X-Smart™ Dual

X-Smart™ Dual
The 2-in-1 Endo Motor and Apex Locator
The X-Smart™ Dual is the new 2-in-1 Endo Motor and Apex Locator (X-Smart™ and Propex® II) in one device offering three modes of use: dual, motor alone and apex locator alone.  It is simple and safe to use, designed for general dental practitioners who are looking to increase the convenience and safety of Endodontic treatment. Offering the same user-friendly keyboard as the original X-Smart™, the large LCD screen visualises the settings and the file progression in the canal and offers 9 possible customised programs for the user.


A102400000000     X-Smart Dual with Contra Angle EUR
A100601600000     X-Smart Dual Contra Angle 2:1
A102500000100     X-Smart Dual Battery
A102500000200     X-Smart Dual Charger EUR
A102700000000     X-Smart Dual Case EUR
A102500000300     X-Smart Dual Apex Locator Set
A102500000400     X-Smart Dual Hook (x2)
A102500000500     X-Smart Dual Lip Clip (x5)