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Propex Pixi

Propex Pixi is the apex locator for General Dental Practitioners wanting to improve their endo treatments by accurately determining the root canal working length with the help of an affordable, pocket sized electronic apex locator. The unit is designed to be placed on the patient’s chest while working, ensuring less disturbance of wires and improved visual control of the file progression by having a clear line of vision. Clip-on measuring wires and non-slip pads help to keep the device in place.

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Propex Pixi Features
  • Pocket size, taking up minimal space during treatment, in storage and transport
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Colour LED display
  •  Apical third tracking only
  • Works in dry and wet canals
  • Ready to use - NO calibration and NO zero adjustment required
  • Designed to be placed on the patient’s chest while working, ensuring less disturbance by tangling wires and improved visual control of the file progression by placing the Propex Pixi in the line of vision
  • Clip-on measuring wire and non-slip pads to keep the device in place
  • Progressive sound control with 4 volume levels 
A103000000000    Propex Pixi
A103000000100    Propex Pixi EU Only
A103100000200    Propex Pixi Universal Charger
A103100000100    Propex Pixi Short measuring wire
A103100000300    Propex Pixi Long measuring wire
A102900000400    Propex Pixi hook - pack of 2
A102900000600    Propex Pixi fork

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Q) When the “OVER” display indication is lit it means that I went over the minor apical foramen; do I have the possibility to slightly retrieve the file to find the “0.0” point? Will the monitor work in reverse?
A) Yes, when the “OVER” point has been reached, the dentist can retract slightly and the Propex Pixi will indicate the “0.0” point.

Q) I am concerned about placing the Propex Pixi on the patient in case the sound surprises them. Is the wire long enough to allow me to place the Propex Pixi on my working table?
A) The device is made to be placed on the chest of the patient, yet the device can alternatively be placed on the table next to the patient. The sound level may be reduced or sound may be turned off, if required.

Q) The scale does not represent mm, what does it represent?
A) The scale does not represent mm or any other linear units. The scale simply indicates the files progression toward the apex and is a convenient mean for dentist to determine the apex location.

Q) What are the dimension of the Propex Pixi
A) Width: 55.5mm, Height: 64.5mm, Depth: 17.5mm.

Q) Which parts do I have to sterilise between patients?
A) The lip clip and the hook must be sterilized between treatments. In addition, the fork that is sold as a separate part requires sterilization between treatments.

Q) What is the battery charging time for the first use of the Propex Pixi?
A) A new battery should be charged for 24 hours prior to the first used of the device.

Q) What is the normal charging time of the battery?
A) The duration of the charging time for partially depleted battery is approximately 12 hours, therefore, when the battery indicator starts blinking, charging the device during the night may be the optimal solution to ensure a fully charged battery. 

Q) What is the approximate duration of a fully charged (new) battery? Approximately How many working length determinations can I expect?
A) A new fully charged battery should be sufficient for approximately 100-150 working length determinations. Battery performance may degrade with time or following exposure to high temperatures.