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Propex II

The Propex II apex locator features a full colour visual display for improved tracking of the files. The unit uses multi-frequency technology and an extended apical zoom function, which activates when the file reaches the apical area. The Propex II apex locator has a small footprint and operates on a rechargeable battery, so it could be moved between dental surgeries with ease.

Available in select markets only

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Product Features
• Large colored display to facilitate the file tracking
• Progressive sound control for dual control
• Powered by rechargeable battery
• Latest multi-frequency technology enables location of the apex in most types of canal conditions
• Fully automatic device 
Ordering Information
A102800000000     PROPEX II EUR 
A102900000100     PROPEX II BATTERY
A102900000200     PROPEX II CHARGER EUR
A102900000300     PROPEX II LIP CLIP (x5) 
A102900000400     PROPEX II HOOK (x2)
A102900000600     PROPEX II FORK