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An easy to use and safe solution to activate your irrigation; the EndoActivator is designed to safely and vigorously energise intracanal irrigants during endodontic treatment. Safe, effective and simple the EndoActivator helps to improve debridement and the disruption of the smear layer of biofilm.


Fluid activation, in well-shaped canals, plays an important 
role in debridement and disinfection of the root canal system.


The EndoActivator® is designed to safely and vigorously
energize intracanal irrigants during Endodontic treatment.


  • Strong, flexible medical grade polymer tips
  • Single patient use
  • Uncoated & non cutting tips
  • Create fluid hydrodynamics
  • Improves debridement and the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm
  • Very simple clinical technique
  • Intuitive device
  • Ideal in practice when portability is required

EndoActivator Tips

• Easy snap-on/snap-off design

• Strong, flexible, medical-grade polymer composition

• Colour-coded by size

• 22mm lengths with depth gauge rings at 18, 19

• Contra-angled design for easy access to posterior teeth

•3-speed sonic motor provides options of 2.000, 6.000

and 10.000cpm • Ergonomic, cordless, and battery operated handpiece.and 20mm. Handpiece/Driver

EndoActivator System Kit

A091100000000 EndoActivator System Kit

Kit contains: 1x EndoActivator handpiece/driver (battery included). Activator tips 25x small (#15/.02), 25x medium (#25/.04), 25x large (#35/.04). 100x Protective barriers, 1x directions for use, 1x sequence card, 1x instructional DVD.

EndoActivator Tips

A091302201500 EndoActivator Tip Small 15/.02

A091302202500 EndoActivator Tip Medium 25/.04

A091302203500 EndoActivator Tip Large 35/.04


EndoActivator Accessories

A091200000000 EndoActivator Handpiece Driver

A091400000000 EndoActivator Protective Barriers x100

A091500000000 EndoActivator Battery Housing

A091600000000 EndoActivator Rocker Arm Replacement Kit