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DENTSPLY is pleased to announce that Palodent Plus is to be given a new name

Dentists across the globe have come to appreciate the sectional matrix system, Palodent® Plus as a reliable and stress-free partner for class II restorations. Palodent Plus will be marketed under its new name, Palodent® V3.

Palodent V3 will continue to provide all of the familiar features and benefits of Palodent Plus:pv3 ........jpg
• Tight and predictable contacts
• Tight gingival seal
• Reduced flash and finishing
• Easy-to-use system
• Availability of EZ Coat matrices: micro-thin, non-stick coated matrices for incredibly easy matrix removal

Palodent V3 is designed to provide clinicians with the tools to build a strong foundation for completing a successful class II restoration. Each component of the system is optimised for ease of use and performance, resulting in accurate contact creation and consistent results.

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 to find out why 70% of clinicians find contact creation to be one of the most challenging aspects of completing a class II restoration and how Palodent V3 has helped.
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